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TrackSuit Outfits

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TrackSuit Outfits

Ramon Arango
16 ratings

2 maya scenes with clothing models. These are to be used with the Artemis and Apollo rigs.

How to:
- Open your rig file, import the Outfit scene
- Set Rotation Z to 20 on the FK upLeg controls (to match the spread legs of the trousers)
- Hide all the body's faces that should be invisible under the clothes
- Select the clothes' Geo
- Shift select the body Geo
- Deform > Wrap Deformer
Voila! The clothes now follow the body's deformation. The deformation will not be pretty in extreme poses though. You might need to sculpt and animate blendshapes on top to get the best possible deformation.


If you can't see the textures you'll have to map them correctly in the shader. They are Black and White but you can create a colour by tweaking the colour balance in the texture file node

If you have any questions, feel free to join the facebook page:

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Apollo Tracksuit & Hat, Artemis Tracksuit & Tank Top, Underwear, Textures

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