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Artemis & Apollo - rig bundle

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Artemis & Apollo - rig bundle

Ramon Arango
42 ratings

Apollo character made by Ramon Arango

I'm a professional character animator at the moment, but since I did a modeling/rigging internship at Pixar in 2017 I wanted to make 2 fully rigged and articulated characters; A to Z.

Animation Tests


You can use the rigs for personal practise, demo-reel, 11s club challenge, personal films, film festivals or other non-commercial purposes.

There's an instructor license for people generating revenue by teaching and/or creating educational content with the rigs

If you want to use the rigs or footage of Artemis or Apollo for any other purpose, please get in touch and we can sort something out :)


A studio Library folder is included in the package. To use it download studio library here:

If you have any questions, feel free to join the facebook page:

rigged in maya 2017, seems to work in 2019 too

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2 maya rigs, underwear, studio library folder, body textures, lit blender scene


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